August 16, 2010

3 Year Anniversary

Vegan Peace Blog 3 Year Anniversary!

Three years ago from today I decided to start a vegan blog. Also three years ago marks the time I made the great choice to go vegan. I became a vegan in July of 2007, after being a vegetarian since 1999. Due to the many health problems I have had since my child years I thought it would be best. I had learned about the health effects of animal product consumption, as well as the cruelty of the dairy industry. Going vegan has definitely improved most of my health problems, as well as providing me with inner peace.

I learned a lot about veganism, animal rights and cruelty, nutrition, cooking, health, and animal products in months. I decided to start a blog that can provide information and resources about veganism to all. I would go to many websites and forums where people would ask questions about veganism. I thought it would be great if there was a blog or site dedicated to veganism that had information, links, and resources to answer peoples questions and more. And after reading actress, activist, musician, and fellow vegan Persia White's MySpace. And then came Vegan Peace Blog first post on August 16, 2007.

I chose The Vegan Peace Blog as the title due to peaceful and tranquility of a vegan diet and life. I am thankful to all my readers and followers of Vegan Peace Blog. I am very thankful it has grown and hope it continues to grow, you can share this blog with others. Follow to the right and:
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To date Vegan Peace Blog has 68 published posts including this one, with many more to come. See archive.

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Remember to check back here often for new post, I try to update at least once a month. Look at my past blog posts for vegan information, resources, and links. E-mail me me if you have any suggestions for new posts, questions on this blog or veganism or questions regarding this post or know any more sites relating to this post.


Jennifer said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful vegan resource!

Avi said...

Thank you so much Jennifer for the comment and being such a loyal reader!