July 31, 2010

Vegan Weddings

Vegan Wedding planning, recipes, & ideas.

Planning The Wedding
Choosing the Right Month to Marry
How To Plan a Vegan Wedding
Planning a Vegetarian Wedding
Planning A Vegetarian Wedding
Ethical Weddings
Planning Your Vegan Wedding
Vegan Weddings
Wedding Woes
Ethical Ceremonies
Ethical Weddings
VegNews Vegan Weddings!
VegNews Vegan Wedding Planning

What To Wear
A Vegan Wedding Guide
Organic, Natural Wedding Dresses
Hemp Silk Wedding Gowns
Ethical wedding dresses
Tara Lynn Wedding Gowns

Wedding Couples Stories
Vegan Weddings
VegNews Vegan Vows
8 Exquisite Vegan Weddings (2009)
8 Exquisite Vegan Weddings (2008)
Vegan Weddings
Handmade Weddings: Vegan Punk Style
My Organic Vegan Wedding
Alicia Silverstone's Big, Fat, Vegan Wedding
A Delicious, Locally Grown, Vegan Wedding
Offbeat Bride’s Recent Posts About Vegan Wedding
Emily & Emory's small, vegan, indie-rock wedding

Vegan Weddings
Delicious Vegan Wedding Served Buffet-Style for 75
Vegan Wedding Series: Working With Caterers
Find Recipes!
Creating Your Vegan Wedding Menu
Sweet Vegan Wedding Treats

Wedding Cakes
The Chicago Diner Vegan Wedding Cakes
Vegan and Organic Wedding Cake Directory
Vegan Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cakes, Vegetarian and Vegan

Wonderful Wedding Cocktails
Vegan Recipe Sites
VegWeb Wedding Receptions
VegWeb Cakes

Vegan Wedding Gifts
See Vegan Gifts
Vegan Wedding Gifts

Some Famous Vegan (or mostly vegan) Weddings:
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi
Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky
Alicia Silverstone & Christopher Jarecki
Woody Harrelson & Laura Louie
Casey Affleck & Summer Phoenix
Emily Deschanel & David Hornsby
Crystal Bowersox & Brian Walker
Russell Brand & Katy Perry

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