June 12, 2010

How To Veganize

Ever see a recipe that isn't vegan but would want to make it? Veganize it!

To veganize a recipe is to make a non-vegan recipe vegan. Here are tips and replacements to veganize recipes.

If the recipe says - use

Butter/Ghee - vegan butter and margarine such as Earth Balance or vegetable oil.

Milk - plant milks such as soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk, or oat milk. For creamier recipes use higher fat plant milk such as hemp or soy. Unsweetened/plain works best for savory recipes and sweetened/vanilla for sweeter recipes. For evaporated milk see vegan evaporated milk. For buttermilk see vegan buttermilk.

Heavy Cream - see vegan heavy cream.

Honey - see honey alternatives.

Broth - vegetable broth/stock/bouillon cubes or vegan beef/chicken broth/stock/bouillon cubes such as McKay's Instant Broth, Pacific Broth, Rapunzel Bouillon, Imagine Foods Broth, Celifibr Bouillon, Maggi Instant Broth. For dashi see Vegan Dashi (Soup Stock) and/or Vegan dashi (Japanese stock).

Eggs - see egg substitutes.

Cheeses/Cream Cheese - see vegan cheese.

Mayonnaise - see other dairy alternatives.

Worcestershire Sauce - use vegan Worcestershire sauces such as The Wizard's, Annie's Naturals, Edward & Sons, Robbie's, or Bourbon Barrel.

Yogurt - see vegan ice cream and yogurt.

Chocolate - see other dairy alternatives.

Whipped Cream - see vegan heavy cream/whipped cream.

Sour Cream - see other dairy alternatives.

Gelatin - see vegan gelatin.

Bacon - use vegan bacon such as Lightlife Smart Bacon or make your own Tempeh Bacon or Tofu Bacon.

Ham - use vegan ham such as Yves Veggie Ham Slices, Lightlife Smart Deli Ham, or May Wah Vegan Ham. Or you can make your own Vegan ham deli slices or Mock Ham.

Turkey - see Vegan Thanksgiving Meats.

Sausage - use vegan sausage such as Field Roast Sausages, Lightlife Smart Links Vegan Breakfast Sausage, or Tofurky Sausages. Or you can make your own Irish Fauxsages (Vegan Irish Sausages), Savory Breakfast Sausage, Spicey Vegan Sausages, Homemade Sausages, Super Easy Steamed Sausages, Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausage, or Sausage Alternatives.

Chicken - use vegan chicken such as Gardein, Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips, Gardenburger, Follow Your Heart, Health is Wealth, Boca, Lightlife Smart Strips Chick'n, or White Wave. Or you can make your own Chicken Alternatives or Vegetarian and Vegan Mock Chicken.

Beef - use seitan, tempeh, tofu, beans/legumes (especially black beans and chickpeas), mushrooms (especially portobello), TVP, eggplant, nuts are great meat alternatives for burgers/patties, meatballs. Lightlife Gimme Lean/Smart Ground, May Wah, Boca Ground Burger, Field Roast Grain Meat, Gardein Beef, Yves The Good Ground Round, or Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Steak Strips/Ground Meatless Crumbles. Or you can make your own Meat Alternatives.

Fish - Seaweed such as nori wrapped in tofu seasoned with kelp. Or you can make your own Seafood Alternatives.

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