May 29, 2010

Vegan Memorial Day

Main Dishes:
Vegan Burgers
Hot Dogs, Bratwursts, & Sausages
Memorial Day Eats
Memorial Day Menu. Healthy. Happy. Vegan!
VegWeb Chili
VegWeb Sandwiches
VegWeb Potlucks & Picnics
Yummy Grilled Tofu
Vegan Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Vegetarian Grilling
Vegan Grilling Guide 101: Green Tips, Foods, Tools.
Ten Easy Vegan Recipes for the Grill
Vegan Grilled Vegetable Stromboli
VegNews Memorial Day Vegan BBQ
Memorial Day Vegan BBQ!
Memorial Day: Tofu BBQ
VegWeb BBQs
Vegetarian Barbecues
Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes

Memorial Day Red Potato Salad
It's Memorial Day! It's a Vegan Pasta Salad!
Perfect Potato Salad (Low Fat)
Tangy, Delcious Vegan Potato Salad
Italian Pasta Salad
59 Vegan Salads and Dressings
Vegan-Food Salad
Vegetarian and Vegan Salads
VegWeb Salads
VegWeb Salad Dressing
Snappy Crunchy Vegan Coleslaw
Vegan Cole Slaw
Vegkitchen Pasta Salads
International Quinoa Salad
Creamy Potato Salad With Avocado
FatFree Pasta-Salads
Magnificent Vegan Macaroni Salad
Basic Macaroni Salad
Vegan Macaroni Salad
Avocado Beet Pea Shoot Salad
Spicy Vegan Potato Salad
Creamy Fruit Salad
Autumn Pear and Apple Waldorf Salad with Mixed Greens
Apple and Cucumber Waldorf Salad

Other Sides:
Strawberry Fields (use vegan honey and feta cheese)
Easy Deluxe Baked Beans
Vegan Cheater Baked Beans Recipe
Pack a Picnic
Texas Caviar with Avocado
Texas Caviar
Avocado Mango Salsa
Spicy Bean Salsa
Annie's Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips
Curried Grilled Seitan Kebabs
Vegan Kebabs
Basic Vegetable Kebab
Vegetarian Kebab Recipe
Vegan Shish Kebab Recipe
B.B.Q. - Kebabs
Hummus III
VegWeb Hummus
Hummus Recipes

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