May 7, 2010

Vegan Mother's Day

Here are some meal and gift ideas for all the Mother's in your life!

Gift Ideas
See Vegan Gifts
Treat to spa, massage, manicure/pedicure
A vacation
Treat her at a vegan/vegan-friendly restaurant
Earth Friendly Mother's Day Gifts
Mothers Day Tea Novelty Fun Vegan Soap
Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Hand-Picked Gifts for Mom
Quiz: What Should You Give Your Mom for Mother's Day?

PETA Mother's Day Vegan Chocolate
VegNews Mother's Day
Allison’s Gourmet Mother's Day Gifts
Chocolate Inspirations Vegan Mother's Day Gifts
Chocolate Decadence
Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates
Rose City's Gourmet Vegan Chocolate Selection
Pangea Chocolate Bars and Boxes

Flowers Guide
Florists Directory
Find A Florist

Meal/Food Ideas:
See Vegan Recipe Sites to find the perfect recipe for your Mother.
VegWeb Mother's Day!
VegNews Vegan Mother’s Day
Vegan Mother's Day Dinner
Curried Tofu Terrine
Make a Vegan Mother's Day Sweet with Easy Cakes
Vegan Mother's Day Treats
Grandma Jeanette's Strudel
Dairy-Free Recipes for Mother's Day
Cinnamon-Apple French Toast
Mother's Day Brunch
Recipes to Make Mother’s Day Special
Mother’s Day recipes: french toast, breakfast rice pudding, and more!

Ideas & Fun:
Kaboose Mother's Day 2010
123Greetings Mother's Day
History of Mother's Day
The Holiday Spot Mother's Day
Celebrations Mother's Day Ideas
Mother's Day on the Net
Day of Mother's
Mother's Day Celebration

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