February 9, 2011

A Vegan Valentine 2011

Ideas for vegan valentine sweets, food, and gifts for the one you love this Valentine's Day, February 14!

Recipes & Menus:
Have A Vegan Valentine’s Feast
Valentine's Day Cocktails
Chocolate and Strawberry Napoleons
V e g a n D a d: Happy Valentine's Day
Top 5 Recipes for a Romantic Valentine's Dinner
VegWeb Valentine's Day
Vegan Crimson Velveteen Cupcakes
Raw Cacao Walnut Fudge
Pom Ice Cream Pops
Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes
Pomegranate Jam Hearts (use vegan butter)
Hearty Ravioli
Valentine's Treat: Chocolate Cookies Two Ways
♥ dark & white chocolate raspberry truffle cake ♥
Valentine Peppermint Truffles
Vegan Valentine’s Day Love: Cookies n’ Cream Cupcake Recipe
Fiery Chili Chocolate Red Velvet Cake Pops
Chocolate-Chili Truffles
Chocolate Pudding
VegWeb Valentine's Day
Valentine's Pie (use vegan cream cheese)
Heart-Shaped Foods
Various Valentine's Day Recipes
VegWeb Valentines Special
Vegan Valentine: Healthier Sweets for Everyone
5 Good Vegan Valentines Day Recipes
Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe For Valentine's Day
Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes
Top Ten Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes
Creamy Heart
Raw Cashew Dreamcake
Vegetarian and Vegan Valentine's Day Food Ideas
For My Valentine
Vegan Meals For One Or Two A Valentine's Feast For Vegetarians
Valentine Dinner Menu
The Stupendous Vegan Valentine's Banquet!
Menu for St. Valentine's Day

Gifts & Chocolates:
Vegan Gifts
Vegan Shopping
Vegan Valentines Amazon
Vegan Valentine's Day Candy
Valentine's Day Gifts
Vegan Valentine's Day 1/2 Lb Coconut Brittle Box
Vegan Valentine's Day Chocolates
The Sweetest Tweets: PETA's Valentine's Day E-Cards
Organic and Vegan Valentines Day Chocolate
Rose City Chocolatier
Vegan Valentine’s Day Truffles
About Vegan Valentine's Chocolates & Candy
Pangea Valentine`s Day Gifts
Vegan Light Chocolate... NO Whey!
Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts
VeganEtsy Vegan Valentine's Day
Vegan Valentine's Day!
Large VEGAN Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Eco-friendly Flowers
Flowers Guide
Florists Directory
Find A Florist

Romance Ideas:
Tips for an Unforgettable Raw Vegan Valentine's Day
A Very Vegan Valentine’s
Vegan Valentine's Day Dinner
A Vegan Valentine's Day
5 Unconventional Ways to Say “I Love You”
Edible Flowers
Top 10 Veg Pick-up Lines
Vegan Alcohol
Cruelty-free Candles
How To Love Your Body Raw
Vegan Children: A Very Vegan Valentines Day
Vegan Valentine's Day
Care2 Valentine's Day eCards
123Greetings Valentine's Day eCards
Love, Vegetarian Style
Kaboose Valentines
If you are single and want to meet others you can on social networks & dating sites.

Vegan Aphrodisiacs
Vegetarian Aphrodisiacs
Sensual Vegan
Sex & Romance Links
Vegan Condoms
Glyde & other Vegan Condoms
About Vegan Condoms
Ethical Sex

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Jennifer said...

This is an EXCELLENT vegan guide to Valentine's Day! Thank you! Looking forward to checking out these delicious links. =)