March 30, 2011

Raising Vegan Children

This second post is about raising a vegan child. See the first post about vegan pregnancy, here.

Raising Vegan Children Guide

Real Vegan Children
Parenting Tips with Melanie Wilson
How to raise healthy children in a natural way
Raising Vegan Children...
Vegan Baby Basics and Beyond
Vegan Soapbox: Vegan Babies
Adorable Vegan Babies (Photos)
The Vegetarian Baby
Raising a Healthy, Vegan Baby
Raising Your Baby Vegan: Making Informed Choices
Raising a Vegan Baby
How to Raise a Vegetarian Baby
Raising Vegetarian Babies and Children
Is It Healthy to Raise a Vegetarian Baby?
Can Meat Eaters Raise A Vegetarian Baby?
How to Raise a Vegetarian Baby
Raising Vegetarian Babies and Children
Is It Healthy to Raise a Vegetarian Baby?
Can Meat Eaters Raise A Vegetarian Baby?

Recipes & Foods:
V e g a n D a d
"The Vegan Mom"
You Can Make Baby Food
Feeding Your Vegan Baby
The High Raw Nourished Kitchen
RawMom Kids
Breastfeeding Alternatives? Soy Formula?
Q&A: Weaning a Baby to Raw Vegan Foods – Karen Ranzi
Baby’s first vegan foods
Simply Pure Vegan + Baby
Wholesome Baby Foods from Scratch
Healthy Vegetable And Vegetarian Baby Food Recipes
Google Search: Vegan Baby Food
Introducing Solids: Feeding vegan babies
Soy Milk and Soy Baby Formula
Spirulina Super Baby Food Recipe
Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches
Vegan Baby Food
Organic Apple - Carrot Baby Food
Baby Food Tips and Hints - Do's
How to make your own baby food

Vegan Parenting Forums:
MotheringDotCommunity Forums: Vegetarian & Vegan Living
VeganForum: Parents
VegTalk Forum: Vegan Parents
GoneRaw Forums: Family

Baby Showers:
Vegan Baby Shower
Vegan Baby Showers
Hosting a Vegetarian or Vegan Baby Shower
Baby Shower Cupcakes (Vegan Friendly)

Baby Products & Shopping:
Kid Bean
Vegan/Vegetarian Baby Onesie T Shirt
Puremedy Baby Skin Salve Mild Formula Vegan
Lafe's Organic Baby Lotion -- 6 fl oz - Vegan
Vegan Baby Shoes by IsaBooties
Vegan Hemp Baby Salve
Vegan Baby Shoes
Vegan Baby Shoe Goodness
Shak-Shuka Eco Boutique
Veggie Baby Shoes
Vegan Baby Fanciful Fox Soap & Candle
AmyKathryn Gladiola Red Large Vegan Diaper/Travel Bag
AmyKathryn Gladiola Sienna Large Vegan Diaper/Travel Bag
Mrs. Smith's Classic Vegan Leather Diaper Pack
Amazon Baby Vegan Products
Natural Kids/Babies/Mothers Directory
Vegan And Vegetarian Baby And Kids T-Shirts
Herbivore on Baby T-shirt or One-Piece
Snugfits Vegan Baby

Videos & Books:
Video:'s Interview with an Almost 9 Year Old Vegan
Video: Making Vegan Baby/Toddler Formula
Video: Blooming Vegetarian Babies and Their Loving Mums
Video: Raw Breakfast Babies
Video: Raw Vegan Baby
Video: Vegan Parenting (french subtitles)
Video: Interview With A Lifelong Vegan
Book: New Vegetarian Baby
Book: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Eating for Kids
Book: That's Why We Don't Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things

Remember to check back here often for new post, I try to update at least once a month. Look at my past blog posts for vegan information, resources, and links. E-mail me me if you have any suggestions for new posts, questions on this blog or veganism or questions regarding this post or know any more sites relating to this post.

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