October 8, 2010

Vegan Peace 2

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Snowbrush said...

I was wondering if it's not harder being a vegan in Houston. As I just wrote on my blog, when I became a vegetarian in Mississippi in 1983, I was the only vegetarian I knew, and, of course, that's a long way from veganism. By the way, do you have good studies--as in university supported--about the health effects of veganism?

Avi said...

Hi Snowbrush,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have been vegan in Houston for 3 years. Although Houston/Texas is known for being anti-vegan (full of meat, dairy, rodeos, etc) it has a high population, which means more vegans. I have not lived anywhere else, but in Houston there are many vegan restaurants and food products. And to meet others, just search for local meetups/groups or start your own.

Some websites of studies about the health effects of veganism:
Got Health?
Dr. Klaper’s Vegan Health Study
Reports from PCRM's Nutrition Department
Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets
The China Study
Is Veg Healthier?

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