April 2, 2010

Vegan Easter

Easter Vegan Meals & Menus:
Bryanna's Vegan Easter And Vegan Passover Recipes And Resources
Vegetarian and Vegan Easter Recipes
Vegan Easter Dinner Menu for 6
Carpe Diem! for a Delectable Easter Meal
Raw Vegan Easter Brunch Or Dinner Menu
Vegan Easter Food!
Easter & Passover
Easter Brunch- Vegan Quiche
Vegan Scalloped Potatoes (Easter Special)
Animal-Friendly Easter Eats From Around the World
Vegan Easter Recipezaar
Easter & Passover Recipe Roundup
Easy, Elegant Easter Dinner
Strawberry Pancakes

Vegan Easter Baskets:

How to Create a Vegan Easter Basket
Easter Basket With an Assortment
Vegan Easter Basket
Vegan Easter Celebration
VegWeb Happy Easter!
Easy, Elegant Easter Dinner
Veganizing Easter and Passover Celebrations
Easter Gets a Vegan Makeover

Vegan Easter Egg Recipes & Ideas:
Vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs
Egg and Dairy Free Cadbury Eggs!
Vegan Easter Eggs Recipes
Instead of Dyeing Eggs

Easter Deserts & Buns:
Easter Swirl Lamb Cake
Vegan Easter Cakes
Blackberry Chocolate Easter Cake
Easter Pie
Pastiera Napolitana Vegan (Neapolitan Easter Grain & "Ricotta" Pie)
Vegan Hot Cross Buns
Spicy Vegan Hot Cross Buns

Easter Candy & Chocolates:
Happy (Vegan) Easter
Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe Vegan Easter Candy
Harbor Candy Shop
Natural Candy Store Vegan Easter Candy
Easter Candy
Vegan Easter
Pangea Easter Gift Ideas
Animal Aid: Vegan Easter Eggs: Montezuma Chocolate Bunnies
Rose City's Fabulous Vegan Easter Collection
Vegan Easter Springtime Mixed Chocolate Box
Allison’s Gourmet Vegan Chocolates
Dairy-Free Chocolate Easter Bunny Round-Up
Spring Chocolate Brownies

Ideas & Fun:
Kaboose Easter 2010
123Greetings Easter
Easter Facts
History of Easter
The Holiday Spot Easter
Babys First Vegan Easter T-shirts & Shirts
How to Have a Vegan Easter Egg Hunt
Vegan Easter Mousepads and Mouse Mats

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