October 7, 2009

Quick and Easy Vegan Meals Ideas

In a hurry? A new vegan or new cook? Don't know what to cook? Here are some simple, fast and easy vegan meals ideas!

Easy Meals Ideas

  • The classic peanut butter and/or jelly or you can another nut butter such as cashew or almond and add fruit.
  • Hummus or chickpea salad/tofu salad.
  • Vegan grilled cheese.
  • Vegan deli slices (such as Tofurky, Lighlife, or Yves), with vegan mayo, vegetables, vegan cheese, and any other ingredients you like.
  • Pita bread with falafel, avocados, & hummus.
  • Other vegan sandwiches.
Vegan hot dog
Vegan chili
Vegan salad
Baked/fried/BBQ tofu, seiten, TVP, or tempeh.
Portobello mushroom burger
Stir fry with rice/couscous/quinoa, beans, vegetables, and tofu.
Bean, rice, and vegan cheese burrito, taco, or quesadilla.
Pasta with vegan cheese sauce/vegan cheese/other vegan sauce and vegetables.
Potatoes (scalloped, mashed, fried, baked, etc) with vegan cheese sauce/vegan cheese, and vegetables.
Breaded or stuffed mushrooms
TVP or vegan ground meat tacos
Scrambled tofu with vegan cheese sauce and vegetables
Falafel wrap with tahini dressing
Lettuce or veggie wrap with hummus
Fried, baked, grilled, or stuffed vegetables
Vegan sushi
Mashed cauliflower with seasoning and vegetables
Vegan bagel/french bread pizzas
Toasted vegan cream cheese bagel with herbs and tomato
Vegan mac and cheese
Vegan fish tacos, grill tofu and wrap in seaweed drizzle with olive oil and wrap in tortillas with lettuce and dressings of your choice
Bake a potato add your fixings of your choice
Cook cauliflower, squash, broccoli, and peas together, mush slightly add vegan cream cheese, or vegan sour cream, or vegan butter.
Power vegan smoothie with fresh fruits of your choice, plant milk, bananas or tofu, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sweetener of your choice. You can also add nuts, spirluna, or protein powder.
Quick vegan waffles or pancakes with syrup, vegan butter or vegan cream cheese, and fruit.
Cereal or oatmeal with fortified plant milk, nuts, and fruits.

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