November 24, 2008

Vegan Thanksgiving 2008

Ways to give thanks, meal ideas & recipies!

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks not murder! This year give thanks and give others reasons to be thankful. More than 300 million turkeys are slaughtered for meat every year, 45 million are killed for Thanksgiving alone. They are hatched in incubators and never meet their mothers or live in nests, but are raised instead in huge windowless sheds called grow houses where they never see the sun. Factory farmers cut part of the birds' beaks and toes off, without anesthetic, and genetically breed them to grow so fast that often their legs actually break under their ballooning weight, and many young birds die from heart attacks because of the physical strain. Hopefully, the cruelty that millions of turkys suffer each year is enough to turn you off of turkey flesh for good.cite Below are some Vegan Thanksgving ideas and recipes!

Get Active!
Adopt a turkey!

Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary's annual Adopt-A-Turkey Project has rescued over one thousand turkeys from a thankless fate at the dinner table and given thousands of people an opportunity to adopt a turkey for the holidays.

Bring vegan food to homeless shelters to help feed the hungry, or a food drive.
Adopt A Family in your local nieghborhood.
Share a vegan feast with famly and friends.
Pass out flyers about the facts on turkeys and turkey alternatves.

Recpes and meal ideas!

Cook a vegan feast for your friends and famly, or just for yourself with Thanksgiving vegan recipes, turkey alternatives, and Thanksgiving vegan meal ideas.
If you eat out check your local resturants and hotels for vegan food options

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