January 14, 2008

Veg*an Guides

Guides for living veg! (Most in PDF unless otherwise noted)
Cruelty-Free Eating by VeganOutreach
Shopping Guide List by VegCooking
Guide to vegetarian eating by The Humane Society of the United States
How to be dairy-free by Viva!
It's easy to be dairy-free by Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation
Vegan basics by Viva!
10 Steps Vegan Guide
Vegetarian Starter Guide by TryVeg
The V-plan diet by Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation
Why vegan? by Vegan Outreach
Many online guides by Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation (non-pdf)
Many online guides by Viva! (non-pdf)

The best vegan cookbooks
Veg*an starter kits
IVU Database Search
Vegetarian and Vegan Glossary by Vegetarian-Restaurants.net
Glossary of Terms A-L by Vegetarian Life Tips
Glossary of Terms M-Z by Vegetarian Life Tips

To read most of these you need a PDF reader, such as Foxit or Adobe.

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